who we are...


a laboratory

An incubator for creative ideas that blurs the lines between art, architecture & branding design.


a connector

The apostrophe symbolizes a chain of thoughts, an association of ideas in the contemporary creative realm that brings together people with similar interests.



All our products feature original designs, and are sustainably sourced. All our illustrations are printed in limited runs, and our art works are unique pieces. Always with love. 

what we do...

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Our passion centers on bringing new identities to life for already established brands or brand new ones.


Prints, T-shirts, pins, tote bags... We are on a mission to explore all possible mediums.


Unique pieces of art, usually -but not always- materialized on canvas.

how we do it...


spreading good

We want to make the world a better place. We will donate 10% of our revenue to charity, Forever. We will be selecting different NGOs that support different causes with every collection.

Our first donation will go to Red Cross. TheDreamLab family has been a Red Cross donor for a very long time and their cause touches us very closely. 


our first collection




An homage to all the mystery behind Bosch’s masterpiece ‘The Garden of the Earthly Delights’. Because dreams can be extremely exotic, fantastic and implausible, but sometimes also pretty mundane.