Brand design package for a new company that brings together interior design and an online store.

The logo is simple, elegant & recognizable. The vertical strokes on the ‘b’s, the ‘l’ and the ‘!’ have been slightly stretched vertically. This, together with the use of the exclamation mark makes it look like the word is being yelled. The tilted ‘e’ gives a more casual and fun approach to the seriousness of the serif font.

Flexible enough to mutate into multiple identities.

biz cards final.jpeg
Bramble_Dlab LABEL02.jpg
Bramble Pattern DreamLab.jpg

The exclamation mark in the logo is used both as the brand mark and as a pattern used throughout the physical mockups in a playful way.

T-Shirt Mockup_guys.jpg
T-Shirt Mockup_nipples.jpg
T-Shirt Mockup_berks.jpg
Bramble_Dlab Color Logo.jpeg
Bramble_Dlab Web.jpg