A new 100-room boutique hotel brand in the epicenter of Miami Beach, designed by ICRAVE.

The hotel is divided into two very distinct buildings.

For the main historic art-deco property the guest rooms design is elevated and elegant, with a hint of the laid-back character of the city. The use of natural and raw materials help the guests feel they are still outdoors. An open layout and the extreme attention to detail make the experience of getting dressed after a beach day one-of-a-kind.

GS_guestroom_view_1 copy.jpg

The adjacent secondary property has a strong motel-looking aesthetic. These guest rooms, with a lower price point, are designed for a younger crowd. Art pieces by local artists, honest materials and a mini bar as the beacon in the space curate a unique party experience.

SB_Guestroom_view_1 copy.jpg

Project designed at ICRAVE.